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drugged to be succesful

sometimes, you just feel like blowing out the content which are hidden inside of your heart but the environment will try to tie your hands down sometimes, the environment will do whatever it takes in pulling you down just to … Continue reading

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somebody somewhere still cares about you

SOMEBODY STILL CARES never be too sad in hating the world around never be too bored in caging your potential never be too lonely…thinking you are all alone somebody really cares…that’s why i like to let you know you think … Continue reading

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don’t feel too lonely…there is somebody who cares

sometimes, it just appear to look difficult helping yourself into been lazier the more sometimes, you just ask yourself that lazy man question am i the only one here on earth? sometimes, you just feel all alone… telling to yourself, … Continue reading

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little advice

whatever opportunity been lost today can later be recovered tomorrow…..all you need to do is to prepare yourself well in paying a higher price and doing a tougher work

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the sad news

I am just so sick and tired of this everyday massacre Always putting tears and fears on my worried eyes and heart I am just too weak in condoling myself, off this predicament falling on humanity No one’s life is … Continue reading

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when it seems somehow tough

Sometimes, you just feel like exploring the inside of you You feel like going to the mountain top Just to make those around you feel so happy and excited Sometimes, you just ask yourself the same old question Wondering if … Continue reading

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