the sad news

I am just so sick and tired of this everyday massacre
Always putting tears and fears on my worried eyes and heart

I am just too weak in condoling myself, off this predicament falling on humanity
No one’s life is secured even in the most secured arena “what a shame”

Our so called institution
Supposed to be a workshop
In broadening the mind of our future leaders
Turned into their own grave… unexpectedly “what a situation”
all in the name of some barbaric ideology
which they claim to know AND I find difficult to explain“what an insult”

Nowhere is save again
Everyman is now for his own self “who even cares?”

Every now and then
Our media has been fostering more fear into my weakened little mind “what a perfect way of life”
A day can never even pass by
Without a sad story been aired on my old rugged TV set “white and black – even if you care to know”
I just have to sit myself down all day long
Thinking all about how MEN like me could just be so wicked in doing evil acts “what a comparison”

I am yet to see a good definition
In describing this particular set of people whose joy and happiness
Is simply to present sorrow to the helpless ones around
They hide under the pretence of fighting for what seems right
But castigating and rebuking the plea of the cries of those who are been victimized “just in pain and deeply in agony”
I wail and cry just because of this generation I belong to
When are we going to leave our barbaric style of life and live it purposefully
“my tears already filled to the brim”
Oh my goodness …. And

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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