Do not quit

You may have lot of reasons to quit, but of what benefit or profit would it be, one thing I did like to whisper to your hearing is this “do you know the number of people counting on you?” what then would be next, after which you finally gave up on those huge goals of yours?. Do you want to turn out to be a laughing stock to others? Whereby your presence cracks both their bones and marrows without the thought of hurting your feelings, or you did like to be a motivation to others around you, eager to hear all the words coming out from your mouth, waiting for that moment whereby the shout of Eureka will turn into a sweet song from your mouth and the scent of achievements will be upon you like the royal robe.
Although, it may seem difficult to do, trying to be successful in this assumed so competitive world, only you can define how tough you want your success pathway to be, it depends on how prepared you are. Are you the type waiting for the convenient time to get things done, or the one trying to create opportunities even where they never seems to come out from,. Your sincere answers to all of these questions are like hints to the next available success train pass moving around without ready passengers at the bus-stop. Will you be carried away by the event happening around, saying with others the disgusting words of failures, shouting every day, “it’s getting tough and tough every day”, without the knowledge of trying to get things around to be far better than good. Are you trying to prepare for the worse which may come to be in the later future or trying to prevent the worst situation from happening to you. You are simply the present definition of what you later may later result to, you simply have to be very careful with the way you are living your life this present moment.
All what you think of doing presently are definitely prerequisite to what you will be judged with in the later future, and what then is the later future you have been clamouring about, it’s definitely the next second been used without the thought of it. Some people are so carried away with the decisive words of there is still time to get things done, without them realizing that every seconds count, they waste the productive seconds which ought to be used in achieving their prolific goals, they tend to get distracted easily with the tempting derangement roaming all around. One thing that baffles me most is when people that are easily been deceived by the occurrences in the world are been interviewed, they are always ready to give reasons why they enjoy their present way of life, in which inside of them hated the present person they turned out to be without their own permission. These are also the kind or set of people, who are ready to do whatever thing it takes, in just bring down their next neighbour down to their own level, they also will want to make themselves presentable to the world around as the serious ones, without the notion or motion of working hard to achieve any of their dreams. These are also the set of people ready to criticise the achievement of others.
Will you like to be far better than the person you have been, or keep managing the person who you turned out to be, the decision is in your hands. What I will like to tell you is never to give up. No matter how hard it gets, or how tough it may turn out to be, one thing is certain. YOU WILL DEFINITELY MAKE IT. It now has to deal with how prepared you are
Do not quit.

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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