Humans towers at number 1 on the world most dangerous animals living
Look around, and you will see the treat to this world is not factious alien invasions,
Fairy gods flying down to earth to destroy it
And all other mythical fables we have conjured up through what I call time

You did realize that the only threat to the world is humans
Man is a threat to himself
Other animals
And to the planet which we live in now

Man is so desperate when it comes to evil acts
So generous, when it comes to building arms
So magnanimous, when it comes to making bombs
And other machineries meant for his own destruction

Man is so cheeseparing, when it comes to caring
So costive, when it comes to helping
So crafty, when it comes to making their neighbours happy
All in the name of wanting to be better than them by force

The world will never know true peace,
as long as there are people who make money out of wars
the world is far away from harmony
as long as we refuse to help each other grow

when are we going to desist from this evil act? (a call up question to us all),
when are we going to start seeing ourselves as our own helper? (a reason worth thinking)
we are men, meant to be the backbone of our body
why all these things, so frustrating and alarming

May we all live to experience a world without any rumour of war
May we all live to our own expectation and our surroundings too
Enough of these immoralities, even the ones hidden in our thoughts
Enough of these diabolisms, even the ones we carry out

God bless the world around me
And to the one extended
God bless all humans on earth
God bless everybody in pain and agony
In the name of war that caused their downfall
God bless you all I cry with tears
Cos, I am fed up…not knowing what to do

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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