Sharing this again

I saw this in my diary today…and i like to share it again

Checking the mirror this morning
I thought of smiling…cos I am now looking older and stronger
This simply is the foundation of my thought…cos I am now confirmed and ratified to handling lot of things and problems of life
I smiled back at the image… with pride and self-assurance… “while beating my big chest..thinking I have accomplished a lot but in the virtual world” ….
the image shook back its head in regret while looking straight into my bewildered eyes
I calmed myself down…looking straight to this image again,
Whose appearances look so scared of what the later might bring “with the hope of change”

Why this look, I asked
You are the cause! “it replied in sharp response”
Then, how “I asked”
You are getting far away from what you ought to be “it replied”
How, “I asked again… cos of my inquisitiveness”
You know too much…”but acting below expectation”
You think so big… “but always feeling so little”
You thought the world cares not… “but you do not even care about it”
You blame so much… “always making yourself self-righteous”
You talk so much… “without even refilling the lost fuel in you”
Your results awaits you … “when you see you have done nothing out of everything been talked about”

I was so vexed… wanting to crack the mirror staring at me
The echo I heard was “you are not even close to what you think you really are… go ahead and do what you want”
Every day is meant for growth
Yours simply is far away from it

I have been so circumvented and choked up in worry… “from time”..
who then will help me from this mess..… “I began to ask my 4 walls in my dingy and dungy room”

Lot of things kept bothering me…. “I hope not the fear of the future”
Lot of things which ought to be dealt with are always been talked about by me without action and less plan
I thought I am growing… cos I know too much… without knowing I am so far away from the normal growth I ought to carry out

I stared to the sky for a while.. waiting for answers
But my questions and thoughts kept on compounding

Oh my heart…. Stop this trick
I am not ready for this…you are weakening me
Oh ye beholder….enough I say…
You are the cause of your predicament…work it out

No one to help… in time of needs
Should I then say… everyman for his own self

Until you take responsibilities… you will keep on blabbing nonsense
Keep talking while the world around is leaving you behind

How then can I get this entire dream of mine realistic?… “while so shy… going back to the mirror I wanted to crack”
You want to have what others don’t have
Do what they can’t dare….

What is this thing…”now in tears…filled with disappointment”
Why not go straight to the point… “now in a rush… cos the time is not a friend of mine…”.

That’s the problem…you are so much in a hurry… not even having the time to spend with our own self
You care too much to the extent of ignoring your own self growth
You know too much…without even applying at least a wisdom to your daily living
You kept on barking and struggling… while the world around kept smiling and progressing

Better go lock up yourself in prison
And get yourself well disciplined
No time to waste again….
There will always be time for things…which you only decide to handle.

Speak with yourself sometimes, so as for you to get responses instantly.

God bless my friends
God bless the world….

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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