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Trusting a Cheat

I thought we had a lot of things in common Thinking my feelings for you is just so uncommon I thought we were the perfect thing to be together Never knowing our togetherness is never meant to be Here I … Continue reading

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what is life all about?

life is just all about my dream… sometimes, it turns out to be nightmare i will be scared…putting all the LIGHT on scared of the unknown….praying it will never happen (turning out realistic) life is all about my dream… hidden … Continue reading

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read ME!!!

i have so much i think i can do but only scared of planning i am so good, when it comes to planning but too lazy to put into action i can encourage you, when it comes to acting but … Continue reading

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whats the point in trusting?

trust has traveled for so long a time… truthfulness now seem to be a crime… we now believe in doubt doubting our beliefs too… pride is now so proud of us thinking humbleness will humiliate us there are lot of … Continue reading

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