Trusting a Cheat

I thought we had a lot of things in common
Thinking my feelings for you is just so uncommon
I thought we were the perfect thing to be together
Never knowing our togetherness is never meant to be
Here I am all alone
In this state of comma
Regretting the reason of me living with you since all this while
Never knowing we are simply the opposite of each other
Never meant to even sight see each other

I thought you will change
Even if I try to endure
I thought you will think over all I say
Most especially when it pains
I thought you were just tensed up
Never knowing that’s has always been you
I tried all I could do in changing you
But seems I am hurting you the more

I never knew I took the wrong step
Having that courage in walking up to you
I never knew I took the worst decision
Asking you out, on a well prepared date
Everyday of my life has turned into regretful moment
Just because I walk towards somebody like you
I wish I followed my head
Without answering my lustful thought and leg
Here I am, regretting what I see to be an experience

Now I learnt my lesson
Which is just so difficult and terrible to put into description
I never knew we were the opposite of what I see in my dreams
Wished I never met somebody like you
Bye gone…go and continue with what you see as enjoyment
Cheating on me is what you see as an eye opener
Go…and I wish you all the best is this new venture of yours
Enjoy the moment while it last, but I will keep praying for you

One thing I will like you to know is this…
My past is gone, and it is definitely gone for good
I will forever remember this moment
But I have already forgiven you
I still love you though,
That’s if you desire and want to change
I am neither angry nor sad about you fulfilling all of your dreams
But I want you to remember this
Thanks for been part of my story
Wishing you all the best…enjoy the moment while it last

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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