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Religion fight

i believe in what i believe without the inference of the outside world if i am far away from your belief and you are trying to force me into it i’m sorry, we can just be distant friends I’m am … Continue reading

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Do you believe tomorrow is Independence Day?

will it be same old celebration? sitting in my room, while staring at the screen? seeing them speaking, without even hearing a word watching all their drama while (I) keep shaking my head hmmm, we are all hoping for the … Continue reading

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Thought of Changing the World

i thought of changing the whole world but i got it all wrong my failure kept on compounding due to the dream kept inside of me i thought i could accomplish a lot even with all her (world) discouragement later … Continue reading

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My Apology

Sometimes, i may be so strange different from the person you once knew Sometimes, i may be well known but not so welcoming and friendly Sometimes, i may turn out to be weird even to an extent beyond your own … Continue reading

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