It all started with Hello

It all started with a hello

With a response of smile

Seeing all sort of beauties and a radiating smile


We talked about so many things

Promising each other never to hurt another

We were both too old to love

And too young to fight


Trust was our everyday pledge

Honesty was a pride we loved talking about

I never knew where I started looking so wrong

I only wanted somebody to trust…and love


Strange acts do I see on you everyday

Let’s sit and talk this out, I requested

You definitely will smile in reply…”you are trying to be too inquisitive you know”

I apologised for this…pretending that it’s not hurting

I promised myself never to hurt my feelings even though I look just so heart broken

I believe in you so much.. to the extent of me doubting my own self-worth because of you


Until that very day.. a day I will pretend to forget

I was out to pick something’

It ought to take days before my return…

But it only took just a day “to surprise you”

It wasn’t funny… meeting the one and only synonymous word to my trust

Cheating on me … with another

On the bed we never even both slept on

Not to even talk about the thought of thinking about such


Now I see reasons to feel bad and sad

Cursing my daily living for this act

All I need to do is definitely to smile

I need not hurt myself anymore .. just because of this funny little act of mine

My life has turned the other way around “my bad”

I wish we never met or talk…”I think”

Wish there was never a HELLO…oh what a world


Bye for now LOVE

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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