what if there is no tomorrow

what if you know the day you are going to die

would you change the way you are living today or

would you change the things you are doing presently?

What if you know the exact time this is going to happen

would you change the way you see this life to be

keeping the hope of getting everything alright away


what if the hope of tomorrow never comes

would you still want to fulfil all of your childish dream

“expecting just the best..without having to go through a test”


Procrastination they say is a killer of time

Ignorance I say is a killer of craft.



what if you can control how fast time goes

would you want to grow older.. faster

or remain the person you are presently

would you want to help others with this great power of yours

or use it to cheat on people unaware of this

would you want to outgrow time…or keep complaining about what is not even living…


what if you have control over everything

would you want to be a master without a heart or

would you want to be a shepherd without a tact


stop complaining…no matter how hard it is presently

you can be whatsoever thing you want to be…(i know)

your present is a determinant of your future…(I say)

do you just want to exist….or you are only interested in living


keep calm and think out loud…time is not going to wait…even though you think you are in control

About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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