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Getting it all wrong

my present  world is scary… ..i was been told not to worry i feel just so sorry.. with the way things are just moving i once thought we all are humans with so much love, care and kindness never thought … Continue reading

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Everything is wrong

Truth be told lies on hold the country is sick and so cold Truth be told fears unknown the country is sick, i unfold Truth be told scars i see humanity a burden…our heart to fear Truth be told i … Continue reading

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if you want to know me

sometimes, i wish the world could just change forgetting the fact that…i also needed to be changed   sometimes, i wish everything could just turn out easy but, my everyday dealing are not just too easy   i am hard…”should … Continue reading

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Death Cheated

we tried playing a fair game benefiting just from each other you took…and left me in pain going against all our assumed order rules are rules i say…even though you think the game is over taking away a friend from … Continue reading

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