i have a lot at stake

knowing not the risk i skate upon

i have a lot ( i say)..owing the world (my say)

neglecting the entitlement of my earnings (with words)


i wish i have done so much more in the past

so as for my present not to be a curse (from the past).

i am so tired and sick of this daily procrastination


my future isn’t sure…because, i know not what it beholds

any time I want to focus this attention

thousands of reasons will pop up with distractions.


Where can i put this clarion call of mine upon?

Where can i run the name of crying for help


My daily doings are now nightmare…

whenever the day is turning dark, i am just always scared.


my tomorrow is scary…the world around me feels sorry

all they love to tell me is (IT’S DEFINITELY GOING TO GET BETTER).

but, behind me…they laugh and talk..about my failures and weakness


I am so confused…in my own real world…

my life simply is a scare away birds in a farmland


Should i write a sorry letter to my future…

at least, since i am seeing the picture of what may come


My world is filled with hatred…

Nobody cares…(every man for himself).


I wish i can change the world…But, finding it so difficult in changing myself


i wish i will stop wishing things not supposed to be wished

but of what benefit will this be (since nobody is ready to hear me out)


I am trying to be me…and never mean

I will always remain me…never will i be the you in me



About Israel

Poem is all about the happening and occurrences in my environment...Read me as i am...not the person you want me to be
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