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Everything is wrong

Truth be told lies on hold the country is sick and so cold Truth be told fears unknown the country is sick, i unfold Truth be told scars i see humanity a burden…our heart to fear Truth be told i … Continue reading

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if you want to know me

sometimes, i wish the world could just change forgetting the fact that…i also needed to be changed   sometimes, i wish everything could just turn out easy but, my everyday dealing are not just too easy   i am hard…”should … Continue reading

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Friends who will always be there, when you do not even need them Friends who will never be there, when you needed them most Friends who will always be available, when they are needed, but will only talk you out … Continue reading

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…..sometimes, you just try to look at this life from a different angle even though the world looks at you, with the face of what could have happened stay strong, and never hate yourself, sometimes, unexpected things happen look straight … Continue reading

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When the world tells you “it’s not easy”

if the world around you says it’s not going to be easy… tell the world this it’s not going to be easy, until i want it to be easy before i can make it easy, i simply have to take … Continue reading

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My Apology

Sometimes, i may be so strange different from the person you once knew Sometimes, i may be well known but not so welcoming and friendly Sometimes, i may turn out to be weird even to an extent beyond your own … Continue reading

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Sharing this again

I saw this in my diary today…and i like to share it again Checking the mirror this morning I thought of smiling…cos I am now looking older and stronger This simply is the foundation of my thought…cos I am now … Continue reading

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