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Wish it was all dream

wasn’t ready to let you go..but, all you were clamoring for was a space… i was trying to make things work…all you kept doing..was just to TALK i tried all the best..just to become the person you want… but, you … Continue reading

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Who is on the MIRROR?

thought of making it right..until i checked the man on the mirror… i couldn’t but cry..seeing all the words written on his face.. i thought i could console him…but, the more i try..the more difficult it turns out to be … Continue reading

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… *JUST-IN-CASE YOU HAVE THE TIME* never you give up on your dreams…. even if discouragement sound like hymns never you work on another persons clock…even if the world around ….stole your cloak you are you…and only you can make … Continue reading

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Never be discouraged

the world may not love you today.. should that discourage you from “working towards a better tomorrow??” you are so lonely…and the world wouldn’t want to care must you continue living…”to get others attention?”   Why not do your best..and … Continue reading

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if you want to know me

sometimes, i wish the world could just change forgetting the fact that…i also needed to be changed   sometimes, i wish everything could just turn out easy but, my everyday dealing are not just too easy   i am hard…”should … Continue reading

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sometimes, i just hate been around friends

it’s funny though… but no one to share the smiles with i have load of reasons but no one wants to hear sometimes, i hate been around my friends…yes but they think it’s just all about been proud i am … Continue reading

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Do not quit

You may have lot of reasons to quit, but of what benefit or profit would it be, one thing I did like to whisper to your hearing is this “do you know the number of people counting on you?” what … Continue reading

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