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Who is on the MIRROR?

thought of making it right..until i checked the man on the mirror… i couldn’t but cry..seeing all the words written on his face.. i thought i could console him…but, the more i try..the more difficult it turns out to be … Continue reading

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… *JUST-IN-CASE YOU HAVE THE TIME* never you give up on your dreams…. even if discouragement sound like hymns never you work on another persons clock…even if the world around ….stole your cloak you are you…and only you can make … Continue reading

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please come back and stay with me

Coming into the sacred place in me without a given permission Making me feel more than what could be kept into description If I could only turn the days around within seconds I would prefer to be the perfect person … Continue reading

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what is it all about?

it’s not just all about dreaming, it’s about acting it’s never all about how bad it is, it’s all about the experience been learn t it’s not all about the available resources, it’s all about how good you are in … Continue reading

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your dream

let’s start working on our dreams forget the fear of failure of what benefit will it be when you use the whole day dreaming and sleeping all night long without action go for it everything is possible

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it’s gonna be alright

this is sometimes, a difficult word to take in when things won’t just work well for you sometimes, you feel so sad and hard people seeing you as the greatest failure they ever knew friends turning enemy overnight just because … Continue reading

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everything is possible

never will i believe something is impossible without having to separate the i and m from the impossible all what i need is hard work and focus which will definitely be nailed on the cross of determination i know i … Continue reading

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