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My wrong thought

just when i thought we were best of friends living everyday with a smile…cos we can never end just that moment, when i made a faithful confession without considering the face of your emotion just when i thought we are … Continue reading

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Trusting a Cheat

I thought we had a lot of things in common Thinking my feelings for you is just so uncommon I thought we were the perfect thing to be together Never knowing our togetherness is never meant to be Here I … Continue reading

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i thought it was all a joke

i couldn’t realize the moment, when you seem to be so serious i was so much carried away with laughter when you told me it’s over i thought it was part of the things we say to each other not … Continue reading

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is this love

pondering through the night just in thought asking myself same old question..this is what? all i could just think of was just the little moment with you i never believed in first love… you made me turn down my belief … Continue reading

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love in the atmosphere

my present feelings is much more than definition i am yet to describe the content which i think my heart has been humming about with what the atmosphere gave to me like a gift i think there is something strange … Continue reading

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please come back and stay with me

Coming into the sacred place in me without a given permission Making me feel more than what could be kept into description If I could only turn the days around within seconds I would prefer to be the perfect person … Continue reading

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i thought i could handle you as a friend

I thought I could handle you as a friend You never told me what I would later experience I thought we are just meant to be friends But you stepped more than the boundaries been set I warned you…and later … Continue reading

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