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… *JUST-IN-CASE YOU HAVE THE TIME* never you give up on your dreams…. even if discouragement sound like hymns never you work on another persons clock…even if the world around ….stole your cloak you are you…and only you can make … Continue reading

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message to you all

i shall like to help everyone if possible i shall like to put smiles on every face if possible even though goods are been criticized and bads are been complimented i will rather develop my courage standing to see far … Continue reading

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what’s the real defintion of campaign?

What is the real meaning of campaigning? The real definition of campaigning is getting me stocked up in thoughts With the way Election Day is moving closer The definitions on media is so alarming Making us occupied in thoughts and … Continue reading

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My daughter is now trying to be older than her mother

I simply know we are in the new generation Whereby children are allowed to do whatever they want Interfering in their thought is a thing of the past In which we parents can even be jailed for That’s not enjoyment … Continue reading

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To the fathers

What else can we say, If there is a gathering without a leader? What are the things likely to be accomplished, If there are plans without a mentor? We will just be like an empty vessel Deceiving the masses around … Continue reading

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the hunter turned the hunted

THE HUNTER IS NOW BEEN HUNTED Before he was been appointed The hunter promised much more than Before he was even elected The hunter gossiped much more than He can even at least think of Just because of a little … Continue reading

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