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… *JUST-IN-CASE YOU HAVE THE TIME* never you give up on your dreams…. even if discouragement sound like hymns never you work on another persons clock…even if the world around ….stole your cloak you are you…and only you can make … Continue reading

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All i wanted was just the truth

i had to endure all of your acts even though i ignored all of your tacts i smiled out those moment of my anger when i know for’s all danger here i am now filled with pain and agony … Continue reading

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read ME!!!

i have so much i think i can do but only scared of planning i am so good, when it comes to planning but too lazy to put into action i can encourage you, when it comes to acting but … Continue reading

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Sharing this again

I saw this in my diary today…and i like to share it again Checking the mirror this morning I thought of smiling…cos I am now looking older and stronger This simply is the foundation of my thought…cos I am now … Continue reading

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Humans towers at number 1 on the world most dangerous animals living Look around, and you will see the treat to this world is not factious alien invasions, Vampires, Zombies Fairy gods flying down to earth to destroy it And … Continue reading

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Who am I?

who am i? i could be anybody anybody who is in my imagination or the person giving to me inspirations who am i? i could be anybody both the good meant to change the world or the bad meant to … Continue reading

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sometimes, i just hate been around friends

it’s funny though… but no one to share the smiles with i have load of reasons but no one wants to hear sometimes, i hate been around my friends…yes but they think it’s just all about been proud i am … Continue reading

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the best thing that ever happened

ask me the best thing which ever happened to me i will smile with amazement, cos of it’s feelings ask me further…the reason of this beautiful smile of mine with astonishment, i will open my wide mouth out wished you … Continue reading

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is this love

pondering through the night just in thought asking myself same old question..this is what? all i could just think of was just the little moment with you i never believed in first love… you made me turn down my belief … Continue reading

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please come back and stay with me

Coming into the sacred place in me without a given permission Making me feel more than what could be kept into description If I could only turn the days around within seconds I would prefer to be the perfect person … Continue reading

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