What if there is no tomorrow?

fwhat if there won’t be a tomorrow?
what will you regret you did yesterday to enjoy today?
What if tomorrow never comes?
What will you be angry about …today?

live life as if there won’t be a tomorrow….leave tomorrow to worry about itself..while you keep pushing hard…everything is possible..only if you want them to….do not be restricted to rules..propounded by people who are above it…

when there is life..there is hope… LIVE LARGE

-Mesh word for today-

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never be carried away by things seen today

there are lot to talk about

there are lot to write about

there are lot to sing about

there are lot to cry about


do not just be carried away by things seen today..cos, tomorrow is always there..with a whole lot of new things


think big

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Here to be there

i am here to be there..
and there to be here
i am here today…just to be there tomorrow..
take me for who you see today…leave my past behind me
talk less about my past..cos, i ain’t there anymore
waste not a second of your time…preaching all about my past
i was once there..and never meant to go back there
i am here to be there
and there to be here
off i go…
-Meshileya Israel (c) 2017 –
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The day in my past

everything is happening everyday..without having to give a chance in choosing a choice of mine
most times, i thought i am doing it right..without knowing i am on the way to making it wrong…
i never knew i could have done so much more than what is needed to be done…but always on the verge to comparing myself with others..
life is so unfair..so unfair….(a song i do sing, whenever i am heartbroken)
i wish i can make it better, without having to pass through this…but, realized it is all about experience…
i will live never to forget the lesson of my PAST
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In the middle of nowhere


Why am I here?

A question I had to ask, while walking down the lonely street of thought

Where are you going to?

I heard from a tunnel which leads to nowhere…

I am here for good not for bad…i muttered…while being scared of the unseen

Seeing not what awaits my being not been able to discern weakness from strength

I struggled with boldness, never to show my neck to my weakness

I have been bitten by the unseen teeth…totally lost in control by the unmediated heat…

Could have fixed myself…but still getting it all wrong…

So scared of the unknown from an unknown land…surrounded by roads that leads to nowhere



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Wish it was all dream

wasn’t ready to let you go..but, all you were clamoring for was a space…
i was trying to make things work…all you kept doing..was just to TALK

i tried all the best..just to become the person you want…
but, you are always trying to play off my wants…

never had the intention of hurting you..
was only trying to be the person in YOU

i had to do away with the things i loved so much…just to suit the things you wish so MUCH..
waking up to see you no more brought me tears…

leaving behind just a note..made me teared..
i wish things worked well between us…but, we just gat to move on…

Thanks for been part of my story..i think we will need to let go of the past in the future of our present…

i wish it was all a dream.

He wished all was just a dream..but, he woke up to live in the reality.

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Who is on the MIRROR?

thought of making it right..until i checked the man on the mirror…

i couldn’t but cry..seeing all the words written on his face..

i thought i could console him…but, the more i try..the more difficult it turns out to be

the man on the mirror is ready to do whatsoever thing…but, always not ready to change his own ways.

he wants all, but works not….

the man on the mirror, so look and calm but lazy.
the man on the mirror has a lot in his mind, but always refusing to take responsibilities.

I am so tired and sick of the Man on the mirror….how i wish he could change his ways.

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