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If the mountain were to be smooth, you will never be able to climb get it right.

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Why should you give?

  you must not allow the opinion of others…rule your being everybody is entitled to their own opinion but, it would be bad, if you live according to other people’s opinion of you   Never you think of giving up … Continue reading

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Never be discouraged

the world may not love you today.. should that discourage you from “working towards a better tomorrow??” you are so lonely…and the world wouldn’t want to care must you continue living…”to get others attention?”   Why not do your best..and … Continue reading

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…..sometimes, you just try to look at this life from a different angle even though the world looks at you, with the face of what could have happened stay strong, and never hate yourself, sometimes, unexpected things happen look straight … Continue reading

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Never worry

at times, it gets boring… wishing you are more than what you are presently at times, it’s not rosy wishing you can just get all what you want never worry friend, whatever that situation is…is not meant to stay it … Continue reading

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fact about time

there will always be time for things which are not necessary to be done….and there will always be no time for things which worth doing and worth doing badly… to be successful, you simply have to be conscious of this … Continue reading

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little advice

whatever opportunity been lost today can later be recovered tomorrow…..all you need to do is to prepare yourself well in paying a higher price and doing a tougher work

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