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Where are we heading to???

I once thought things are definitely turning out better… not until i realized how worse it’s getting..outside my present environment   i once thought we are advancing..in the name of technology.. but not aware of the suffering..we are entering into…in … Continue reading

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i have a lot at stake knowing not the risk i skate upon i have a lot ( i say)..owing the world (my say) neglecting the entitlement of my earnings (with words)   i wish i have done so much more … Continue reading

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Why should you give?

  you must not allow the opinion of others…rule your being everybody is entitled to their own opinion but, it would be bad, if you live according to other people’s opinion of you   Never you think of giving up … Continue reading

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what is it all about?

it’s not just all about dreaming, it’s about acting it’s never all about how bad it is, it’s all about the experience been learn t it’s not all about the available resources, it’s all about how good you are in … Continue reading

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everything is possible

never will i believe something is impossible without having to separate the i and m from the impossible all what i need is hard work and focus which will definitely be nailed on the cross of determination i know i … Continue reading

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loosing a friend is like a nightmare

Even though I know you are presently at sleep I simply want you to know you live on in my dreams Even though nature made you gone so quick Forever will your memories be written inside my heart You have … Continue reading

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my tomorrow will be far greater than my yesterday

Just because my yesterday wasn’t fine Means not my today won’t be better Never you judging me with the scene you saw of me What you should worry about is what I am about accomplishing I just don’t want it … Continue reading

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