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It is not yet over

Thinking the world has turned you down Making you feel so disappointed like the boring clown Thinking you are all alone …in this scary theme Living a life that needs not a team I just want to whisper this …to … Continue reading

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Just in case

just in case you are not in a haste listen to me and read all about me   just in case you feel so bad read through my words…and feel so calm   you are better than your past…that’s me … Continue reading

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…..sometimes, you just try to look at this life from a different angle even though the world looks at you, with the face of what could have happened stay strong, and never hate yourself, sometimes, unexpected things happen look straight … Continue reading

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I am fed up And seriously really tired I really tried convincing people They keep ignoring all about me… I just have to give up this time Everything just has to stop Every man with their own business, “I say” … Continue reading

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i wrote this poem…while i was so shivering under the blanket…thinking…wow…hope it’s not going to end here… thank God i am now getting better… read…and enjoy this fact about life LIVING ALONE Staying alone never means you are kind of … Continue reading

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Who am I?

who am i? i could be anybody anybody who is in my imagination or the person giving to me inspirations who am i? i could be anybody both the good meant to change the world or the bad meant to … Continue reading

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sometimes, i just hate been around friends

it’s funny though… but no one to share the smiles with i have load of reasons but no one wants to hear sometimes, i hate been around my friends…yes but they think it’s just all about been proud i am … Continue reading

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somebody somewhere still cares about you

SOMEBODY STILL CARES never be too sad in hating the world around never be too bored in caging your potential never be too lonely…thinking you are all alone somebody really cares…that’s why i like to let you know you think … Continue reading

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don’t feel too lonely…there is somebody who cares

sometimes, it just appear to look difficult helping yourself into been lazier the more sometimes, you just ask yourself that lazy man question am i the only one here on earth? sometimes, you just feel all alone… telling to yourself, … Continue reading

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