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My life

sometimes, i feel like expressing myself… of what benefit will it be…if i keep blaming my root   sometimes, i feel like going against all odd of what benefit will it be…if i keep complaining about my tools   sometimes, … Continue reading

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Everything is wrong

Truth be told lies on hold the country is sick and so cold Truth be told fears unknown the country is sick, i unfold Truth be told scars i see humanity a burden…our heart to fear Truth be told i … Continue reading

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Death Cheated

we tried playing a fair game benefiting just from each other you took…and left me in pain going against all our assumed order rules are rules i say…even though you think the game is over taking away a friend from … Continue reading

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Message from Syria

In pain and agony Knowing not what will come When tomorrow comes In fear and worry Turning into a stranger In my own very land Seeing dead bodies everyday Without even shifted Since my emotion is dead Blood stain just … Continue reading

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It’s so much fun for me Calling you a friend I enjoyed your company More than that of Fred We were so much close to each other Making the world think we are brothers Now you stabbed me behind me … Continue reading

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whats the point in trusting?

trust has traveled for so long a time… truthfulness now seem to be a crime… we now believe in doubt doubting our beliefs too… pride is now so proud of us thinking humbleness will humiliate us there are lot of … Continue reading

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Humans towers at number 1 on the world most dangerous animals living Look around, and you will see the treat to this world is not factious alien invasions, Vampires, Zombies Fairy gods flying down to earth to destroy it And … Continue reading

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