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It’s so much fun for me Calling you a friend I enjoyed your company More than that of Fred We were so much close to each other Making the world think we are brothers Now you stabbed me behind me … Continue reading

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Do you believe tomorrow is Independence Day?

will it be same old celebration? sitting in my room, while staring at the screen? seeing them speaking, without even hearing a word watching all their drama while (I) keep shaking my head hmmm, we are all hoping for the … Continue reading

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i wrote this poem…while i was so shivering under the blanket…thinking…wow…hope it’s not going to end here… thank God i am now getting better… read…and enjoy this fact about life LIVING ALONE Staying alone never means you are kind of … Continue reading

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you are not alone

Even though you feel nobody cares about your presence Ask yourself about your feelings to others Even though you appear inferior to some How then are you treating others? You can never plant an apple (the fruit I am eating … Continue reading

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somebody somewhere still cares about you

SOMEBODY STILL CARES never be too sad in hating the world around never be too bored in caging your potential never be too lonely…thinking you are all alone somebody really cares…that’s why i like to let you know you think … Continue reading

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hoping for a wonderful night

after all the wide and stressful moment of this day i find it so difficult to even have a say dear lord God, i lay down my worried head now just to sleep if i die before i wake i … Continue reading

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