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Death Cheated

we tried playing a fair game benefiting just from each other you took…and left me in pain going against all our assumed order rules are rules i say…even though you think the game is over taking away a friend from … Continue reading

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Friends who will always be there, when you do not even need them Friends who will never be there, when you needed them most Friends who will always be available, when they are needed, but will only talk you out … Continue reading

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When the world tells you “it’s not easy”

if the world around you says it’s not going to be easy… tell the world this it’s not going to be easy, until i want it to be easy before i can make it easy, i simply have to take … Continue reading

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Thought of Changing the World

i thought of changing the whole world but i got it all wrong my failure kept on compounding due to the dream kept inside of me i thought i could accomplish a lot even with all her (world) discouragement later … Continue reading

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whats the point in trusting?

trust has traveled for so long a time… truthfulness now seem to be a crime… we now believe in doubt doubting our beliefs too… pride is now so proud of us thinking humbleness will humiliate us there are lot of … Continue reading

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Humans towers at number 1 on the world most dangerous animals living Look around, and you will see the treat to this world is not factious alien invasions, Vampires, Zombies Fairy gods flying down to earth to destroy it And … Continue reading

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Welcome to this new generation of ours

I welcome you all to this new generation of ours Finding it so difficult to read what seems long to them This is getting worrisome everyday Everybody has embarked into a scary race We now live under rules and regulations … Continue reading

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